Benkei Hanawa


Benkei in the manga

Benkei Hanawa (Hanawa Benkei) is a member of the Face Hunters (a group who bully and steal points from weak and young bladers). Later he and Kyoya joined Gingka Hagane.His alter-ego is the masked blader in beyblade metal masters.


He has a big body built, short purple hair that is normally covered by his white beanie that has a Red Bull's skull on it and red eyes. He wears a black and red jacket that is usually zipped, with the bull symbol on the back, white bands around his wrist, gray shorts and black shoes. He has a brown belt covered by his jacket in where he keeps his bey gear. kenta showed benkei the true meaning of beyblade and the bladers spirit.


He seems tough on the outside and looks like a typical bully, but he is actually very kind and has a good heart. Though when that part of him shows, he tries to cover it up because he doesn't want other people to think of him as soft. He is about 13-50 years of age.His constant companion is Kenta Yumiya. He also admires Kyoya very much, which causes him to tear up, or cry when Kyoya has his moments; going as far as to hug him in Episode 11 when he sees that Kyoya was awake. He affectionately calls him as Kyouya Buddy. But Kyoya sometimes gets fed up of him. He is a very determined blader, and doesn't give up easily in hard situations.


Benkei was a the former leader of the Face Hunters, but when Kyoya defeated Benkei, Kyoya became the new leader of the Face Hunters. Both Kyoya and Benkei quit the Face Hunters because they had friends but Kyoya only wanted to defeat Gingka. In Round 2 of Battle Bladers Benkei was doing good against Kyoya but was defeated afterwards.



In episode 1, He challenged Kenta to a 5 on 1 battle, and would have defeated him, if not for Ginga showing up. Ginga helped Kenta defeat all 5 of the Face Hunters, causing them to retreat. He later took part in a 100-bey battle against Gingka, in which Gingka won.

In episode 2, He kidnapped Kenta's beyblade, Sagittario, and told Kenta that if he wanted it back, Gingka would have to defeat Kyoya, the leader of the Face Hunters. After Gingka's win, Benkei returned Sagittario.

In episode 3, He observed Kyoya's battle with Daidoji and later was sent home via helicopter.


Benkei after losing to Ginga

In episode 4, He was given Dark Bull by Daidoji, and told to defeat Gingka with it. Even with Bull's power and a lot of training, he still lost.

In episode 5, he was training when he came across Tetsuya and told him to defeat Gingka. In order to get GIngka to battle Tetsuya, he had Tetsuya capture Madoka until he he rescued her and Gingka won the battle.

In episode 6, He saw Kenta take Gingka's place in the battle against Hikaru, and could relate to him, as he had once challenged Kyoya repeatedly until he had 0 Beypoints left.

In episode 7, he gave Kenta special training to help him defeat Hikaru. This, combined with Madoka's metal face and Kenta creating a special move, allowed him to win. However, on the way to the battle site, they were held up by Tetsuya. Benkei held him off and defeated him while Kenta went ahed to battle Hikaru. Tetsuya later snitched on him to the other face hunters, who kicked him out of the gang for helping Kenta.

In episode 9, He sees Kyoya had returned, so he went to battle him. However, even after Kenta teamed up with him, Kyoya defeated them with a new special move and beat him up.

In episode 10, He watched Gingka's battle and victory over Kyoya.

in episode 11 and 12, He, Gingka, Kyoya, and Kenta invaded the Dark Nebula's castle, but he and Kenta were held up by several bladers in the control room.

In episode 13, H watched Gingka's battle with Ryuga and cheered him on even though he lost.

In episode 15, He, Kenta, Kyoya, and Madoka go searching for Gingka, who has dissapeared. They journey to his hometown, Koma Village. An argument in the group causes them to split up, Benkei of course going with Kyoya. They soon meet a boy named Hyoma who saves Benkei from a wild boar. Hyoma then leads them back to Kenta and Madoka.

In episode 16, Hyoma leads the group in circles around the mountain until Kyoya accuses him and challenges him to a battle. Kenta steps in, however, but loses. Benkei is up next, and after a tough battle, He loses by having his special move reversed on him. Benkei proves to Hyoma that they have blader spirit and he allows them into the secret Koma Village.

In episode 17, The group follows Gingka through a heavy door and up a mountain, but they meet him as he is coming down.

In episode 18, Hyoma led the group to the Blader Forest where Benkei and the rest of his friends participated in several Beyblade skill tests, like battling in a hollowed out tree, or launching through a hole in a stone. He then watched Gingka's battle and defeat of Hyoma.

In episode 19, After Madoka had fallen asleep trying new combinations for Benkei, Kenta, and Gingka's Beys, He learned how to change parts. With this newfound skill, he teamed up with Kenta for a tag team tournament. Although they lost the parts in the semifinals, they were able to win the tournament on their teamwork.

In episode 20, He entered the survival battle on the desert island and was captured by Tetsuya, but was later rescued by Kenta. They then teamed up to defeat Tetsuya. However, they fell in the water.

In episode 21, Kenta injured his arm in the fall and Benkei was trying to get him to a first aid tent when they meet Yu, another blader who had entered into the survival battle. Yu led them to the tent where Kenta got his arm fixed up. The trio were then challenged by Hikaru and it ended up in a four way battle, which Yu won.

In episode 22, He watched the final battle between Gingka, Yu, and Kyoya. Kyoya forfeited, and Yu defeated Gingka, making Yu the winner of the Survival Battle.

In episode 28, He battled Tetsuya again, but Tetsuya's mind tricks and his evolved Beyblade were enough to defeat him. Tetsuya then lost to Gingka in the finals.

In episode 30, He met up with everyone else for a huge tournament with the prize being 10,000 Beypoints. He watched Gingka's battle with Ryutaro, which Gingka won. He also stated during a pre-tournament picnic he had accumulated 25,000 points.


Opponent Outcome
Kyoya Tategami (Offscreen many times) Lose
Gingka Hagane (Tag with 5 face hunters) Lose
Gingka Hagane (Tag with 99 face hunters) Lose
Face Hunters Win
Kenta Yumiya (Many Times) Win
Tetsuya Watarigani Win
Kenta Yumiya Win
Kyoya Tategami (Tag with Kenta Yumiya) Lose
Tag-Team Battle (With Kenta Yumiya) Win
Yu Tendo (Tag with Hikaru Hasama and Kenta Yumiya)


Tetsuya Watarigani Win
Tsubasa Ootori Lose
Tobio Ooike Win
Ryuga Lose
Total 60.5%


Heat Letus: is Benkei's first Beyblade in the anime.

Bull 125SF: is Benkei's first beyblade in the manga.

Dark Bull H145SD: is Benkei's second beyblade,was given to him by Doji so he can defeat Ginga.He uses Dark Bull in both the anime and manga.

Beast/Finishing Moves

Bull (Oushi):is the beast inside Benkei's beyblade.

Lustful Rock:Benkei's finishing move in Metal Fight Beyblade DS is Lustful Rock (raasutofuru rokku)
Beyblade Metal Fusion Episode 43 Part 1 2 Eng Dub

Beyblade Metal Fusion Episode 43 Part 1 2 Eng Dub

Benkei vs Kyoya

Bull Uppercut:Benkei's first finishing move is Bull Uppercut (Buru Appaa)Benkei first used this attack on Episode 4(anime)

Bull Red Horn Uppercut:Benkei's second finishing move is Bull Red Horn Uppercut (Reddo Hoon Appaa), first used in Episode 16(anime)

Tornado Bull Uppercut:Benkei's third finishing move is Tornado Bull Uppercut (toruneedo buru appaa), first used in episode 19(anime)

Maximum Stampede:Benkei's fourth finishing move is Maximum Stampede, first used in episode 43(anime)


BUBUBUBUUUUUUUUL!!!!!!Benkei says this frequently throughout the english dub of the anime.

BULL UPPER CUT! 'Kyoya ! '



  • Benkei is a name of a japanese folk hero who took the swords from passing swordmen.