The following is a list of Villains in the first series Metal Fight Beyblade and in the Series of Metal Fight Beyblade:Explosion.

Metal Fight Beyblade

Main Villians

  • Daidoji-The second antagonist of Dark Nebula and Co-Leader.(Now Deceased)
  • Ryuga-The main antagonist of Dark Nebula and Rival Blader of Ginga.
  • Yuu Tendou-Employee of the Dark Nebula but then left.
  • Tsubasa Otori-Employee of the Dark Nebula but found Defective (Investigator of the WBBA)
  • Mizuchi Reiji-Raised 'prototype' of the Dark Nebula

Face Hunters

  • Kyoya Tategami-Face Hunter Leader proved to be insane until he requests to help Ginkga.
  • Benkei Hanawa- 2nd best Face hunter known to be a mouthy coward until he helps Kenta train and finally beat his temporary rival Hikaru


Metal Fight Beyblade:Explosion

Main Villians

Damian Hart-Main Villan and leader of Team Starbreaker.

Dr.Ziggurat-He doesn't battles,but he is one of the villians this season.

Julius Caesar- He is not evil, bet he is one of gingka's rivels and leader of Team Excalibur.

Team African Wild Fang

Team Russian Lavshuka

  • Puten-Menacing leader of Team Lavshuka.
  • Aleksei-Team player of Team Lavshuka.
  • Dora-Team player of Team Lavshuka
  • Nowaguma-Team player of Team Lavshuka

Team European Excalibur

  • Sophie-Team player of Team Excalibur.
  • Wells-Team player of Team Excalibur.

Team Chinese Wang Fu Zhong

Chi-Yun Li Da xiang wang Zhou xing Mei-mei

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