Masamune Kadoya

Masamune Kadoya

角谷 正宗Kadoya Masamune


March 25, 1998


12 - 14






Gan Gan Galaxy



  • Kojuro Harada (master)

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Seiyū (Japanese)

Yūko Sanpei

Masamune Kadoya (角谷 正宗, Kadoya Masamune; English "Masamune Kadoya") is a character in the Metal Fight Beyblade Anime and Manga.He is a member of the team Gan Gan Galaxy in Big Bang Bladers.


Masamune has black hair with one red hair sticking out, brown eyes and peach skin. He wears a green sweatshirt with trim of sky-ish whitish blue has trim of dark blue for pockets and a line on his jacket arms, an orange shirt that has two parts sticking out of his jacket, Khaki shorts with lightning shapes line going down the seams, and brown gloves. He also wears green shoes with white socks.


He is a very strong blader who won big bang bladers along with his teamates. He is very energetic and sure of himself. he blades with his Ray Striker D125CS. He gets Blitz Unicorno 100RSF in Metal Fury


Masamune is the new bottom of Ginga, who will eventually join his side like Kyoya did. He is a small kid, but he has a lot of guts. He follows Ginga wherever he goes to challenge him continually, losing almost everytime. Ginga and him often get into arguments over ridiculous things like the other's courage, or lack of courage. They will eventually pair up, with Yu and Tsubasa, to represent Japan in the Big Bang Bladers tournament. Masamune had previously not been able to participate in Battle Bladers.

He really likes a certain food shaped as a orange sticks that are extremely spicy. Everybody who eats some regrets it once their mouth burns, but he seems to be used to the taste.

Ray Unicorno, Masamune's/James beyblade, can seemingly teleport by transforming itself into rays of green light, and reappearing elsewhere in the stadium. In battles and in practice, Masamune/James will never give up and keep working harder. His number one goal was to defeat Ginga, and he never stopped challenging him until he beat him. Afterwards, Ginga became better at controling Galaxy Pegasis though, and Masamune/James rejected his offer for a rematch after he saw how powerful the other's beyblade was though...

Masamune has little self-restraint: if he disagrees with something, he will really not hesitate to say so, and he will be overly visual about it, shaking his arms around to illustrate his anger.

Beyblade: Metal Masters
Opponent Outcome
Yu Tendo No Outcome
Gingka Hagane (x4) Lose
Gingka Hagane Win
Mei Mei and Li Chi Yun (Tag with Gingka) Win
Kenta Yumiya Win
Yu Tendo Win
Zhou Xing Lose
Zhou Xing Win
Puten Win
Sophie, Wells, and Julius Caesar (Tag with Gingka Hagane and Yu Tendo) Lose
Yu Tendo and Gingka Hagane (Tag with Tsubasa Otori) No Outcome
Zhou Xing and Da Xiang Wang (Tag with Gingka Hagane) Draw
Nile Lose
Kyoya Tategami and Nile(Tag with Gingka Hagane) Win
Klaus Lose
Total 47%


Ray Unicorno D125CS: Masamune's/James Beyblade in both the anime and manga.


It is an attack type bey.The tip is rubber and plastic center.It will evolve into Blitz Unicorno 100RSF.



Scared Masamune

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Beast & Finishing Moves

Purple Lightning Flash Masamune's first finishing move is Purple Lightning Flash (紫電の一閃, Shiden no Issen).
The beast of Ray Striker D125CS is the unicorn.


Masamune's bey has a performence tip such that it can stop speeding in a split second creating the illusion that it has transported.