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Metal Fight Beyblade: Explosive Birth! Cyber Pegasis
Developer(s) Hudson
Publisher(s) Hudson
Release date(s) December 3, 2009 (JPN)
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single-player
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Media Nintendo DS Game Card
Input Stylus
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Metal Fight Beyblade: Explosive Birth! Cyber Pegasis (メタルファイト ベイブレード 爆誕!サイバーペガシス, metarufaito beibureedo bakutan! saibaa pegashisu) is an upcoming video game for the Nintendo DS under the development and published by Hudson.


As the main character in the DS version Akatsuki Sora, Beyblade battles unfold along with the anime's main character Hagane Ginga, and an array of other characters. Plenty of unique and original bosses and such appear.


  • Story Mode
  • Battle Mode
  • Adventure
  • Bey Battle
  • Customize

New Features

  • Bey-Face System
  • Spirit Gauge

Playable Characters

These are the characters and Beyblades that have been officially confirmed.
Note: This list if subjective to change at any given time.

Playable Beyblades

  • Storm Pegasis
  • Cyber Pegasis
  • Flame Sagittario
  • Dark Bull
  • Rock Leone
  • Lightning L Drago
  • Dolphis
  • Counter Leone
  •  ?????
  • Bearl

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