Ticket to the World
Mfb eptitle55
Kanji 世界への切符
Romaji "Sekai he no kippu"
Episode Number 55
Arc Big Bang Bladers
Previous Episode A New Challenge
Next Episode Decisive Battle! Leone VS Aquila
Japanese April 25, 2010
English July 28, 2011
Theme Music
Opening Galaxy Heart
Ending Ōzora wo Koete Yuke

Ticket to the World (世界への切符, Sekai he no kippu) is the fifty fifth episode (fourth episode of Metal Fight Beyblade Baku) of the Metal Fight Beyblade anime.


The World Beyblade Championships, a competition hosted by the WBBA is beginning. The Japanese qualifier for the tournament starts and the majority of the rounds are over very quickly with Masamune, Tsubasa, Yu and Kyoya all making it to the semi-finals. Yu desparately tries to face Masamune but Kenta battles him instead and loses. Yu then proceeds to face Masamune but time is up before they can even start. Because Gingka won Battle Bladers he is automatically selected as Japan's first representative. Gingka doesn't know this until Kenta tells him. He goes to his father and pleads with him to let him battle. Gingka then launches Galaxy Pegasus and it goes around a chair leg and Gingka says that battling alone isn't fun. In the first semi-final match, Yu faces off with Masamune. Their Beys clash in battle as Yu gains the upper hand with his Flame Libra against Masamune's Ray Striker. Despite this, Masamune fights back and eventually defeats Yu, making Masamune one of Japan's representatives to the World Beyblade Championships. Despite the loss, Yu still has a chance to become a sub for the team.

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Special Moves used

Smashing Claw

Red Horn Uppercut

Flame Claw

Sonic Wave

Inferno Blast

Lightning Sword Flash


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A New ChallengeDecisive Battle! Leone VS Aquila