Decisive Battle! Leone VS Aquila
Mfb eptitle56
Kanji 決戦!レオーネVSアクイラ
Romaji "Kessen! Reōne VS Akuira"
Episode Number 56
Arc Big Bang Bladers
Previous Episode Ticket to the World
Next Episode Rise, to the World!
Japanese May 2, 2010
English July 29, 2011
Theme Music
Opening Galaxy Heart
Ending Ōzora wo Koete Yuke

Decisive Battle! Leone VS Aquila (決戦!レオーネVSアクイラ, Kessen! Reōne VS Akuira) is the fifty sixth episode (fifth episode of Metal Fight Beyblade Baku) of the Metal Fight Beyblade anime.


Its The Finals Of The Tornament, Ending up Wint Kyoya And Tsubasa. The Battle Begins, Eagle Having A Huge Lead. But, Tables Turned When Kyoya Used His Special Move. Tsubasa Dark Side Covers Him For The First Time, But Goes When Eagle Cracks A Bit. A Huge Explosion Occurs, And Then Leone Keeps Spinning But Eagle Stops. Kyoya Was Given Final Regular Spot, But When Gingka Went To Greet Him, He Said The Only Rival Of His Is Gingka And Decline The Offer.

Featured Beybattles

Rock Leone 145WB vs Earth Eagle 145WD

Featured Beys

Characters in Order of Appearance

Special Moves used

Smashing Claw

Lion Gale Force Wall

Counter Stance

100 Fang Fury

King Lion Tearing Blast


Differences in adaptations


Ticket to the WorldRise, to the World!