Lacerta's Stubbornness
Mfb eptitle61
Kanji ラチェルタの意地
Romaji "Racheruta no iji"
Episode Number 61
Arc Big Bang Bladers
Previous Episode Opening! World Tournament
Next Episode The 4000 Year-old Secret Move
Japanese June 6, 2010
English August 5, 2011
Theme Music
Opening Galaxy Heart
Ending Ōzora wo Koete Yuke

Lacerta's Stubbornness (ラチェルタの意地, Racheruta no iji) is the sixty first episode (tenth episode of Metal Fight Beyblade Baku) of the Metal Fight Beyblade anime.


It Starts When Chi-yun And Tsubasa come In The Arena. Everyone Starts Boooing Tsubasa. The Battle Starts With Chi-yun Having The Upper Hand And He Starts Making Fun Of Tsubasa In A Serious Mood. Then, Eagle Starts Lacerta Pushing Into Stadium And Lacerta Uses His Special Move And A Huge Explosion Occurs And Eagle Crushes In A Wall Leaving Everyone Shocked.

Featured Beybattles

Featured Beys

  • Thermal Lacereta
  • Earth Eagle

Characters in Order of Appearance

Masamune Kadoya

Tsubasa Otori

Ginga Hagane

Yu Tendo

Madoka Amano

Chinese Blader DJ

Zhou Xing

Li Chi Yun

Da Xiang Wang

Mei - Mei

Beylin Temple Recruits X21

Special Moves used

Solid Iron Wall

Metal Wing Smash

Thunder Sword Waltz

Piercing Brick Strike

Diving Crush

Tempestous Whirlwind Sword X2

Counter Stance

Smashing Claw


Differences in adaptations


Opening! World TournamentThe 4000 Year-old Secret Move