Libra Takes the Field!
Mfb eptitle66
Kanji リブラ出陣!
Romaji "Ribura shutsujin!"
Episode Number 66
Arc Big Bang Bladers
Previous Episode Sublime! Cage Deathmatch
Next Episode The Festival of Warriors
Japanese July 11, 2010
English August 12, 2011
Theme Music
Opening Galaxy Heart
Ending Ōzora wo Koete Yuke

Libra Takes the Field! (リブラ出陣!, Ribura shutsujin!) is the sixty sixth episode (fifteenth episode of Metal Fight Beyblade Baku) of the Metal Fight Beyblade anime.


Masamune is still missing, so they have to make do with another member. The gang all suggests Tsubasa goes except for Yu, who wants to battle. Tsubasa said that was fine, and soon Yu was facing Aleksei. In the meantime, Masamude arrives and is looking for the team. He then runs into Anton, who is controlling the electromagnetic wave currents. He then faces Anton and stops him. Yu then defeats Aleksei as well. In the end, the Russian Team gets their wish after all.

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