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Welcome to Metal Fight Beyblade wiki, the information website that focuses only on the second generation of the Beyblade franchise! Indulge into every piece about the anime and manga of the Metal saga! Spanning from Metal Fusion all the way Zero G, this Wiki is a #1 hotspot for all Metal Fight Beyblade fans!
For all 3 generations (Bakuten Shoot, Metal Saga, and Burst), please visit the popular Beyblade Wiki for more information.

A new admin, Falco276, has now taken over the wiki ever since DranzerX13 and Person987 was inactive. Falco will be also adding a few non canon pages to the wiki regarding a fanfic crossover series, Back to the Basics Blader Style. Though not official, it is seen to be a perfect fit for the wiki.

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Generation arc

Featured Article: Zero Kurogane

Zero Kurogane is the main protagonist in Metal Fight Beyblade: Zero-G. He uses the Beyblade Samurai Ifraid, which was given to him by Gingka Hagane.



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